ive put the last game i was making aside, the new one is going to be an interactive movie!!!

You start out as a nerdish person, with hopes of becoming something special.

That happens, right when you find out about three mind fucked kids are going to bomb the town!

so in the ending, the 3 kids have a bomb set off, and its going to explode eventually.now, you have 5 choices:

fight the leader

try to defuse it

hide in the grocery store

run away

or just wait to die

now for the first one, if you win the fight, the other two will defuse it, but if you lose, they shoot you, and watch you suffer as you die

the second one, you cannot defuse it, so you will try to run away, but as you reach the check point, you cant reach the building you need to, and you will slip, and the bomb will go off..

if you hide in the grocery store, you have two options then, go out and get it over with, or lock the door.if you go out, its pretty obvious, but if you lock the door, you survive the explosion, and only one of the other kids did to and you two fight, and if you win, you have the choice to save the town, aka restart the game, and if you lose, you die by a knife

if you run away, you go back to save the town, but see the leader, and another one drowning in the river, and one evil maniacal kid kicking the bomb towards the ground

if you just wait for the bomb to explode, you will obviously die.

but i think i am going to have a secret ending, where you push the final kid down the cliff, even though it is impossible to do so, and then you jump down as the bomb explodes

so the problem is, i suck at drawing flash even with photo shop, so i need some helpers, if you are interested plz call

Attention, All flash makers!

2009-06-23 03:24:03 by drewcox

I'm making an awesome game called The Coral.A game when a guy gets way too pissed at his neighbor in the apartment complex across the building.If you would help me, i'd eat worms, so email me if you are interested!